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Name: Topman

Price: 200 xats



Topman is an unlimited power that was released in January 2009 costing 200 xats each. It lets you appear on top of the list out of the users of your rank. For example, if you were a Guest, you would appear on top of everybody else who was a guest!

Negative ThingsEdit

There are some bad things about Topman. You won't stand out on top of the other users if the following happens...

  • A user is a higher rank than you on the chat.
  • One of the users has Purple or Gold. If they don't have topman and you don't have an Epic pawn, then you will appear underneath them,
  • If they have a short-name they could overtake you. If you have a 6 letter shortname, then users with a 4-5 letter will appear higher than you!

Price on TradeEdit

You can find the cost on Trade to be around 100 - 130 xats .


  • Many users would buy this power so they would be able to appear on top of everybody else and let other users know they were there!
  • Topman used to be a very popular power, until other features prevented it to be such a good power.