Name: Boot


Cost: 80 days

Boot is a limited power that was released on the 25th March 2009 costing 80 days , which is the same value as 1040 xats! This power lets you boot a user to another chat that you desire.

How it worksEdit

You click the user that you'd like to boot to another chat. You then click 'KICK'. If you have the power, there should be an option that says 'BOOT'. Click that option and then type the chat you want them to go to. Once you've done that, click 'KICK' once again.

Note: Remember that you must be a Moderator or ranked above in order to use this power...


There were some issues that xat were concerned about in the past. They were worried that users would abuse the power. You would have abused the power if the following had occured ...

  • You booted a user to an inappropiate chatroom.
  • Booting users to your chat in order to promote and advertise
  • Booting spammers to a chat so that their chat can get spammed as well


If a user were to abuse the BOOT power, then it was announced on the description that the user were forced to 'Forfeit' the power. However, that was never to be the case.

Other ReleasesEdit

Xat had confirmed in 2009 that the BOOT power was never going to return due to the abuse that was caused by the power. However, many users still had the power.

In November 2011 xat decided to release 100 BOOT powers into the stores to celebrate Black Friday, starting at an expensive 13000 xats. The price dropped down and became 9170 xats.

They then re-released it in the xat 'Power Auction'. 200 were released and were sold out at around 7213 xats.


  • Boot is considered to be an 'Epic' power due to it's high price and demand. At one point on xat, the price of Boot on Trade rose to a huge 11000 - 12000 xats!
  • Xat had confirmed that the Boot power was never going to return in 2009. However, it re-released in 2011 for Black Friday.
  • The power then got released again in June 2012 for the Power Auction.
  • The price of the Power is still very high. This is because there's still not many around on xat. However, the demand has gone down more than what it was a year ago...
  • Some users still abuse the power. However, no concequences were put into place for the time being
  • Boot sometimes has the same value to the Epic power NameColor